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Vertical integration

Plastivan is also your partner for custom-made PVC and WPC Profiles

Since 1966, we have been pioneers in providing high-quality, custom-made solutions that meet the unique requirements of your project. At Plastivan, we believe in the complete process, from initial design to final production of high-quality profiles. Our vertical integration allows us to control every aspect of production, ensuring consistency, quality and innovation. Our plastic profiles are used in various sectors such as construction and industry.


Design and toolings

We work closely with our customers to create profiles that perfectly match your vision and specifications. Our experienced team is ready to turn your concepts into reality. We have the necessary facilities and expertise to produce toolings of the highest quality. Each mould is carefully manufactured to ensure that our profiles are perfectly formed.



Production of raw materials

At Plastivan, we go one step further by producing our raw materials ourselves. We invest in modern facilities for the production of high-quality raw materials such as PVC and WPC. By doing this, we have full control over the quality and composition of our materials, making them extremely durable.

Extrusion process

Our 36 modern extrusion lines are equipped to produce mono- and co-extruded profiles and are operated by specialised operators. We strive for perfection in every step of the extrusion process to produce profiles of the highest quality that meet the strictest standards.


Innovation and quality

Innovation is in our DNA

We continuously invest in advanced technologies and production processes to deliver the most efficient and high-quality profiles. Our strict quality control also ensures that every profile that leaves our factory meets the highest standards.

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Innovation and quality

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