Wood composite decking and garden fences

A terrace is the perfect spot to soak up the outdoors and thoroughly enjoy your garden, preferably protected from the wind, and screened off from your neighbours behind a stylish garden enclosure. You may have in mind the natural charm of tropical hardwoods but at the same time the regular maintenance and other disadvantages of solid wood may put you off. Wood stains or oil are necessary for a long life and without scrubbing or hosing the wood at regular intervals, moss can get the upper hand. The wood becomes weathered by the sun, rain and wind, and after a few years your terrace or garden enclosure will lose its original charm.

Wood composite: Just as beautiful as wood, but a whole lot stronger

Fortunately we now have Duofuse from Plastivan. Duofuse is a future-oriented wood composite material that combines the natural appeal of real wood with the durable resistance of modern synthetic materials. A Duofuse terrace or garden fence offers nothing but advantages in comparison with natural wood: To look at, Duofuse is indistinguishable from solid wood; it retains its colour and appearance in all weather conditions; it does not rot over time; it is easy to maintain and dimensionally stable and is easy to install, for DIYers too.

Its brushed surface counteracts moss, mould, slime and slipperiness, which means it is ideal for swimming pool surrounds. It does not splinter, which makes a Duofuse terrace absolutely safe for children to play on. Discover on this website, step by step and in detail, all the advantages of Duofuse wood composite terrace decking and screens.

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