Decorative panels for indoor use.

Now it’s easy to make your home look smart and stylish…with Plastivan coverings for floors, walls and ceilings.

Plastivan is designed for you and your lifestyle. It offers you all the natural good looks of textiles, patterns, stone finishes and wood – but with all the practical benefits of easy-fit, easy-clean high quality modern materials. Choose Plastivan and you’ve got it covered.



Interio is a great option for transforming any living room, bedroom or home office wall space. Classic, understated tones and a textured effect finish combine to create a peaceful, neutral backdrop adding depth and contrast to feature walls.

  • Quartz 65602
  • Basalt 65603
  • Arabica 65604
  • Robusta 65605


The convenience of tiles, without the hassle and maintenance of grouting.

  • Bologna 65500
  • Verona 65501


A timeless classic with small mosaic ‘tiles’ creating a fabulous 3-dimensional visual effect, with a smooth, easy clean surface and a choice of colour combinations. Mosaic brings the bright, sunny feel of the Mediterranean to any bathroom.

  • Grisacco 65200
  • Azulado 65201


Create the ultimate look of luxury in your bathroom with our range of opulent flush fitting Craquele panels. Choose to set off any of the designs by adding matching trims, and gold or silver feature inserts to create your perfect bathroom space.

  • Grey 6536
  • Beige 6538
  • Black 6537


Inspired by this naturally occurring stone, the delicate shades of Marmo create a cool, high quality marble style finish to walls and ceilings in the bathroom or any room with high humidity. Complete the look with bright modern gold or silver feature insert strips.

  • Grigio 6545
  • Azzurro 6546
  • Amarelo 6547
  • Verde 6548
  • Rosso 6549


The charm of wood.
Forestline is a collection of decorative panels. Its an imitation of naturel wood finished with mat varnish. The panels are provided with a V-groove connection that ensures, that a natural wood effect is obtained.

  • Alaska 6630


A unique collection.
Unique is a solid panel with V-groove in matt gloss finish and available in soft colors. Fits in any type of interior and also suitable for ceiling coverings.

  • Vanille 6616
  • Baltic 6617


An authentic character.
Bring warmth to your interior with our ash collection in wood grain structure. These 10 cm panels with joint are available in the colors creamy white and gray white.

  • Cream white 730
  • Grey white 731


Ideal for walls and ceilings.
White panels have many applications. They are especially suitable for finishing ceilings in homes and offices. In addition, they can also be used in production buildings that have to meet high hygiene requirements.

  • Wit hoogglans

  • Wit hoogglans
  • Wit mat
  • Wit hoogglans
    50 cm


A natural feeling.
A basic collection with V-groove and matt finish, which creates a cozy feeling in your interior. Available in 2 wood grain colours: beige and grey.

  • grijs 68301
  • beige 68300


The natural stone looks of our new, wider 500mm Travertine wall panels make it even easier to completely change the style and character of your bathroom – the wider panels have fewer joints and are much faster to fit and achieve an almost seamless finish.

  • beige 76700
  • grey 76701


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